“We have worked with Dr Finn and Arthrotox for a number of years and have always received impressive customer support, high quality reports and rapid turnaround. They have played an essential role in the testing and development of our products allowing us to accurately determine the commercial potential. This has proven instrumental in our new product development within strict deadlines.”  Herb Friend, Fasstproducts Ltd.

Expertise and EquipmentBob Finn in Lab with Red Mites

Arthrotox UK is a service run by Dr Robert Finn at Northumbria University, a specialist in animal toxicology, who has been working on red mite and other arthropod issues for a number of years. Currently, his research group is undertaking a project aimed at generating a map of pesticide effectiveness in different populations of red mites across the UK which will help facilitate the targeted and effective use of pesticide formulations on specific populations.

New Formulation Testing

Arthrotox UK works with a number of different pesticide and agrochemical suppliers to help develop new formulations against arthropods. Please contact us if you would like a confidential discussion about how we can help your company with testing and advisory services.

Egg Producer – Pesticide Effectiveness Service

We can test your specific population of mites. Collect a generous amount in a sealable bag and place into a second bag. Post these to us and we can test them against a panel of pesticides to give you recommendations for treatment. If required, we can supply specific mite traps. Please email for costs.


“I made contact with Northumbria University and Arthrotox after inventing a product to control Poultry Red Mites (dermanyssus gallinae). From the outset, the team at Arthrotox has been very friendly, approachable and have always displayed enthusiasm for the product tests. In my experience they have a positive problem solving approach to their work, with a willingness make suggestions and offer valuable industry insight to help progress the project. “The initial testing was unfortunately a little disappointing and resulted in discussions about the methodology used / results at length. The tests were re-run and mite mortality percentages increased significantly as a result. This non-judgemental flexible approach, has been instrumental in allowing me to bring my product to the global marketplace.”

I continue to work with the team at Arthrotox and we are already planning our next collective step is to pursue larger scale field testing. Thanks to the Arthrotox team, my product is now due for launch in the global marketplace in 2017″ Kay Burton, CEO, Poultry Wizard Limited, inventor of Mite Magic™